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Analysis of American Psycho and Abnormal Therapy. Irregular behavior is behavior that deviates through the norm or perhaps is typical


you will find five views on unusual behavior, and the ones are biological, psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, and sociocultural (Hanley et al.). The actions of Patrick Bateman, a character into the movie United states Psycho, are examined below with the five views of irregular behavior and therapy options for each.

United States Psycho

The film US Psycho (2000) includes a 27-year-old male, Patrick Bateman, who may have an alternative solution psychopathic ego.

Bateman is a unique York investment-banking administrator, and strives to be towards the top (Hanley et al.). He could be dedicated to fitting in and al though he’s got genuine flesh and bloodstream, he will not feel just like an individual (Hanley et al.). He kills people that are random comes around, as well as people who he thinks are better off than him or come in the way in which of his success (Hanley et al.). A need is had by him to destroy individuals in purchase to satisfy their homicidal behavior.

Bateman portrays irregular behavior in numerous scenes. For example, as he has reached a club one evening, he tries to utilize a glass or two token, nevertheless the bartender informs him he’s struggling to make use of it. Whenever she turns around Bateman states with a grin, “You’re a fucking bitch that is ugly. I do want to stab you to definitely death, then mess around with your bloodstream” (Hanley et al.). There are many other scenes where Bateman is observed lashing away at other people (Hanley et al.). While the film advances, therefore does Bateman’s killing and hatred episodes (Hanley et al.). Audiences usually do not see all of the killings, but towards the final end for the film, Bateman will leave a voicemail for their attorney attempting to confess (Hanley et al.). He informs their attorney he killed twenty or forty individuals, their girlfriend that is old faggot with your pet dog, five or ten homeless individuals, a couple of random girls, and Paul Allen (Hanley et al.). Bateman informs the attorney he consumed a few of their minds & most of this killings he has got on tape (Hanley et al.). Him(Hanley et al.) when he sees the lawyer the next day though, the lawyer does not believe. Their attorney laughs it well and states it really is a funny laugh (Hanley et al.). During the extremely end for the movie, Bateman narrates their emotions by saying, “…My discomfort is constant and razor- razor- sharp, and I also don’t expect a better globe for anybody. In fact, i’d like my discomfort become inflicted on other people, and no body to escape…My confession has meant absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing” (Hanley et al.).

Bateman shows numerous faculties which are present in schizotypal character disorder (SPD) and exhibits OCD tendencies.

Traits of SPD include; not enough good friends or confidants aside from first-degree loved ones, behavior or look that is odd, eccentric, or strange, odd opinions or magical reasoning, odd reasoning and message, uncommon perceptual experiences, suspiciousness or paranoid ideation, tips of guide, extortionate social anxiety that doesn’t reduce with familiarity, and, last, improper or constricted influence (Chemerinski, Triebwasser, Roussos, & Siever, 2013). To be clinically determined to have SPD, an individual must display at the very least five associated with above symptoms for at the very least 6 months (Chemerinski et al.). OCD, having said that, is a “chronic debilitating anxiety condition described as two distinct phenomena: obsessions that are recurrent, intrusive ideas, pictures or impulses, and/or compulsions that are repeated covert or overt actions which can be carried away to diminish anxiety” (Subramaniam, Soh, Vaingankar, Picco, & Chong, 2013, p. 1)

Biological Model Treatment

The biological model concentrates on “genetics, neurotransmitters, mind modifications, as well as other physical factors” (Kearney & Trull, 2012, p. 23). Treatment includes psychiatric medicine (Kearney & Trull). By way of example, Bateman would just take a medicine that decreases dopamine, as it typically helps you to relieve outward indications of schizophrenia (Kearney & Trull).

For Bateman’s OCD symptoms, “pharmacotherapy by having an SRI alone is just a commonly utilized initial treatment plan for OCD in patients of all of the ages” (Freeman, Sapyta, Garcia, Fitzgerald, Khanna, Choate-Summers, & Franklin, 2011, p. 425). Typically, with pharmacotherapy, many clients essay writers get a partial reaction, with significant residual signs (Freeman et al.). Its expert suggestion, that cognitive-behavioral therapy be applied alone or in combination with pharmacotherapy so that you can produce the most effective outcomes (Freeman et al.).

Psychodynamic Model Treatment

The psychodynamic style of unusual psychology “focuses on interior character traits”

(Kearney & Trull, 2012, p. 23). With the model that is psychodynamic a specialist might treat Bateman utilizing psychodynamic supportive psychotherapy (Ridenour, 2014). Psychodynamic therapy that is supportive assist in improving Bateman’s ego functioning and truth evaluating (Ridenour). To do this, the specialist would work as an auxiliary ego, which may permit the specialist to lend Bateman his / her stronger ego (Ridenour). The concept will be assist the build that is patient and repress anxiety filled ideas, a few ideas, and fantasies (Ridenour). The procedure for SPD is typically long haul, hard, and will not constantly show favorable results (Ridenour).