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Getting gas that is natural it is easier than you might think

Like to begin experiencing the advantages of natural gas? It’s easier than you may think: you are able to request an all-natural gasoline line installation online, pay as little as $15, and also the installation is normally completed in under per day. A while later, our team will restore your premises to its original condition.

Cost for gas installation

It costs as low as $15 to have attached to gas that is natural

The price will depend on the exact distance from our propane primary line (positioned under roadways) into the location where your propane meter may be installed.

  • $15 for the very first 25 metres
  • $125 for every single extra metre

We measure through the center regarding the road towards the location where your fuel meter shall be.

As an example: if you’re found on a 20 metre-wide road, we’ll need certainly to install 10 metres of gasoline line through the gas primary to your home line. In the event that distance from your own home line to your gasoline meter location is 15 metres or less, this means we’re installing an overall total of 25 metres or less of gas line, that may just set you back $15:

Open a brand new account, or request a fuel line installation

In the event your house has already been linked to a normal gasoline line:


  • You simply need certainly to start a gas account that is natural.

If the home is not attached to natural fuel yet:

  • Check our interactive map to see if gas will come in your neighbourhood.
  • If gas can be acquired, you’ll have to offer your drivers’ license number, or your BC recognition or passport number.Request gas solution now

  • A natural gas extension if natural gas is not yet available in your neighbourhood, request.
  • If you should be experiencing problems with Web Explorer, be sure to take to a browser that is different call 1-888-224-2710 to speak with a person solution agent.

    The installation procedure

    Once you request a gas line that is natural

    1. Our team will use a gas that is natural and an all natural gasoline meter in your home, linking to your gas primary.
    2. You’ll need certainly to have a gas that is licensed link the meter to your residence, and connect your propane devices soon after we install your propane line and meter. We advice employing your specialist as quickly as possible you decide on the best appliances for your home, and other important details so they can help. Locate a licensed specialist

    Restoring your home following the installation

    To put in the gasoline meter and line, we’ll want to dig in your home. Our team will restore your home straight back to its pre-installation state.